How to Grow Your Business & Leave Your Day Job

Designed & Created by Kate Strong

A FREE 4-Part Course & FREE Workbook Empowering you in Bringing Your Business Dream to Life

Do you have a business idea that you're not fulfilling at the moment?

Are you in a job and are unsure of the first steps to creating your business that will deliver the lifestyle, and income, that you want?

Or, maybe you already have clients and are struggling to take your business to the next level to achieve your business - and life - goals.

AND you know you want your business to positively contribute to people's quality of lives, yet don't know exactly how to stand out from the crowd.

If any of the above sounds like where you currently are, then this is the course for you!

Building on over a decade of entrepreneurial experience and the mindset of a World Champion in AG triathlon, this course contains some simple and key business tips & techniques for you to apply and build a business that will enable you to leave your day-job.

Just by applying these simple tips that are explained throughout this 4-part series, you will be in a position to grow and scale your business to a level where you can - with confidence - leave your day job and start living your dream life!

4 days, 4 emails, 4 worksheets, multiple techniques and all for FREE!

About the Course

This course is all about powerfully creating a profitable & purpose-driven business.

One email will be sent every morning (at 8:15am) to your inbox and contain a worksheet and one of the four key tips to create and grow your business.

We will cover the following:

  • EMAIL 1: Plan: Every great entrepreneur has a plan, and you'll design your own blueprint of where you're heading for your business to serve your dream life

  • EMAIL 2: Passion: The goal is to create a successful and fulfilling company, so this week, you'll discover your passion and hone-in on how this can be created in your business too
  • EMAIL 3: Package: You will start creating a package around your passion - and this will also enable you to stand out from the crowd

  • EMAIL 4: Problem: You may have the *best* service available, but unless you know your customer - and how you help them - you may stay the best secret in the world! Here, you will discover your ideal customer and how to speak to their desires

BONUS: You will receive a FREE worksheet to compliment the email. The intention is for you to use these emails - and worksheet - to get in action and not just accumulate more knowledge

"The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action"

About Me, Kate Strong

I started my entrepreneurial journey after graduating from university with a Double Masters in Mechanical Engineering. I realised pretty quickly that I wasn't going to be satisfied with a JOB, so I packed my bags and travelled the world where I started setting up micro businesses in remote villages in Central America and Asia.

I was immensely fulfilled giving back to communities and the environment and living a life I loved.

I moved to Australia and successfully ran - and sold - multiple businesses for over a decade.

It was here where I took up triathlon and was 2014 AG World Champion in Triathlon!

I saw the connection between *successful* entrepreneurs and *successful* athletes - and took what I learnt from both these areas to create my Purposeful Coaching Business.

What People say about Working with Kate


Most useful training ever! Thank you!


Meeting Kate has definitely been a game changer for me. She's so knowledgable that I'm now reaching goals within weeks that I thought would take me years!


Kate provided me with some valuable support & guidance. She's clear & connected, professional, focused & determined to help others grow.

Some Questions Answered

I'm just starting out in business, is this course useful for me?

Yes! This course is ideal for people passionate about creating a business - whether you are already trading, have an idea on what you'd like to do, or still considering your options, you'll get great value!

What if I register but miss a day?

It’s all good. The emails will be in your inbox every morning at 8:15am ready for you to read - and apply - when you've the time.

Can I ask questions?

Absolutely! There'll be a dedicated team member answering all questions via email and social media.